A Company Specializes in Hiab Crane Trucks for Heavy Lifting Capacities

Currently, Hiab crane trucks are high on demand and have become very popular for the construction industry as well as other companies that need assistance from these heavy lifting trucks. No matter if you need a coffee kiosk relocated to another location or railing equipment to be collected and placed on a railway Hiab hire is your best choice. Hiab cranes are the most reliable of the crane brands. If you need the service of Hiab hire in Barnstaple there is a company that specializes in Hiab crane trucks for heavy lifting capacities.

Hiab Hire for Heavy Haulage and Crane Transport

There is no job too small or big that engineer specialists cannot handle. When you need the service of Hiab hire in Barnstaple you can rely on specialists for your heavy haulage and crane transport needs. The fleet of heavy-duty trucks they offer are well-maintained and of superior quality. The diverse and versatile fleet will meet your specific needs.

Wide-Range of Fleet Includes:

* Tail Lift Pick-Up

* Landrover and Trailer

* HIAB Cranes Range from 1t/m-80t/m

* 13 Tonne HIAB Truck with Interchangeable Bodies

* 26 Tonne with Interchangeable Trailers

* 32 Tonne Rear Mounted Crane with Drawbar Trailer

* 32 Tonne HIAB Truck 4-Wheel Drive

* 44 Tonne Artic HIAB with a Wide Choice of Short and Long Trailers

Reasons to Rely on Engineer Specialists

The reasons to rely on engineer specialists are limitless. Not only do the engineers offer durable and high quality trucks, but the engineers are also certified and specialize in the equipment they supply. This allows you to have peace of mind in knowing that the job you need done will get done with the service of Hiab hire from a reputable company. They strive to exceed your expectations and want to do business with you again in the future. If you would like more information about Hiab hire, contact Nick Sampson today by visiting their website.

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